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Design & Development of an enterprise application for telecom industry on initial braintorming stage523 Back


Design and develop a Vendor Management & Information system on .net platform. In accordance to the client it was customized and implemented the .net system with efficient function.


The client approached us with the prototype for the 'Efficiency First Engine' to built the website in ASP.NET and to host that in Azure Cloud Services. They also wanted to have single sign on login so that their existing customers could login without recreating their account. They shared the initial specs in the detailed aspect of each module. The major section of their expected design various kind of charts and reports to measure the vendor performance and competitor comparison and KPI analysis were shared through a document. We not only fulfilled all the requirements of the client but were able to build a secure and single sign on login website along with we built super performing site, attractive and high performing chart tools and reporting tools for it. The project was efficiently accomplished as per client reservations.


AOTMP is a well established organization since 2003 specializing in managing an enterprise telecom environment. Its major strength to have analyzed more than 100,000 organizational databases and to make out what works out in managing telecom environment.


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