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Development of a heatstress app for livestock257 Back


Requirement was for designing & developing an app which shall be versatile so as to be available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices for dairy and beef farm holders. The application was with login id feature which would let them view their respective farm’s Temperature Humidity Index along with the suggested feeding rates of Hydro-Lac. Hydro-Lac manages the impact of heat stress of animals, which is a product of FormAFeed Inc.


To meet the requirement the app was developed in a way so that the producer be aware of Temperature Humidity Index of their farms along with a suggestion of Hydro-Lac in accordance. It was made user-friendly so that the user could subscribe or unsubscribe from heat alerts, and perform many other functions. The app was unique as it could use on iPhone, iPad as well as Android devices. As per requirement, it was provided with login id for personalized experience. It was compounded with a feature to view the MySQL databases of all the farm locations through Other Location option so that the user could select a farm based on his location and view the respective THI and Feed rate of Hydro-Lac. Users can go to the settings screen to manage their subscriptions for heat alerts. Heat alerts are being sent as push notifications to subscribed android and iOS devices on the basis of their device tokens.


FormAFeed Inc. came into existence in 1973 since then it has fulfilled its aim to meet each livestock producers need through Form-A-Feed product formulations are designed to enhance livestock performance and health, and improve food safety. They have formed a large variation of product line including base mixes, premixes, concentrates, micros, minerals, liquids, boluses, low-moisture tubs, water soluble products, and ingredients. In order to enhance their product innovation and specialized production have acquired or developed companies over 40 years.




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