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Support & Maintenance for an extensive dynamic website367 Back


A progressive and alluring cloud based website was the specification of our client which would enable the telecom vendors to view the required information.


The layouts provided by clients which were implemented in web pages. The site is hosted in windows azure. It also consists graphs, charts and gauge controls displaying various vendor information and the information of the charts, graphs are managed efficiently. The website is also integrated with sales team database. The project was started from the ground up to final gratifying presentation. The website is in beautiful synchronization with facts and graphical presentation. It has a pleasant outline and pattern.


AOTMP is a well established organization since 2003 specializing in managing an enterprise telecom environment. Its major strength to have analyzed more than 100,000 organizational databases and to make out what works out in managing telecom environment along with its vast networking to a new standard in fixed and mobile telecom environments. Represents clients of $24+ billion in annual telecom spend and operate in over 170 countries. We worked with high proximity with the clients in the project so as to ensure contentment with the final product.


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